Preparing for your 90 Day Review

StrategyConnect Strategy Implementation Process

Strategy is always “important but not urgent”. The 90 Day Review and Rollover Process is an
essential discipline to ensure the strategic plan gets executed.

How the process works:
Every 90 days the group gets together to collectively review progress on the agreed annual
milestones and to reset the next 90 day targets based on the learnings of the past 90 days. This
meeting is best run online using the StrategyConnect Online web application.

The steps are:
A. Milestone Owners report on the 90-day targets
B. Review
C. Landscape check
D. Recalibration
E. Wind up

The following is a description of each of these steps.

A. Report on the 90 Day Targets

Each Milestone Owner talks to their milestone's current 90-day target in the following format:

1. Said - what they said they were going to do
2. Did - what they actually did
3. Learnt - what they learnt during the 90 days

These reports should be approximately 3 to 5 mins long.

Please avoid PowerPoint presentations - in our experience, lack of progress is often disguised by
a fancy presentation put together the night before. Our preference is a “from the heart”
presentation with tangible evidence of progress eg. the new product logo and brochure;
introduction of the new manager etc.

At this stage, no discussion on the next 90 day targets are entered into before all the milestone
progress reports are completed, the learnings are articulated, inter-dependencies and boundary
bleeds identified which may shape the next 90 day targets.

This progress report process should be with the minimum of fuss and to the point as far as
possible. People need to look at progress on all milestones so they can assess the overall
progress to date. Laboured detailed presentations that take too long dilute the groups’ ability to
view the progress as a whole.

B. Review

After the reports on the 90 Day Targets are completed, the group is then invited (break into small
groups) to objectively comment on what worked and what did not work in the past 90 days. Your role is to give the group 3 to 4 mins for this discussion and record and report back the findings. This is a critical learning point for the group as they get to see the behaviours of what they need to do more of and the behaviours that they need to do less of eg. more of – rapid experimentation, less of – last 10-day dash.

C. Landscape Check

The group should then be invited to discuss if anything substantial in the internal or external environment has changed since the plan was struck, and to check the impact on the plan as a whole. NB. these need to be really significant events eg. internal - merger with a company 30% of total revenue; external – SARS, Government regulatory change. Less mature group members might want to attack the plan in an attempt to take the heat off having to deliver results so you need to guard against protracted discussions that have no sensible conclusion. You may need your sponsor’s awareness of this risk and their support to progress the group onwards.

D. Recalibration

Once the milestones have been ratified or refined, then it is time to set the next 90 day targets. NB. this recalibration builds on the learnings of the past 90 days and the overall review observations. Milestone Owners can change at this point as progress on a milestone may have matured to a point where another team member is better able to progress it either by their ability to resource it or special knowledge/capability.

The Milestone Owners are handed the 90-day strategic initiatives template page and asked to fill
out their sheets in parallel. NB. do not do this sequentially online as it is too time consuming and
degrades everyone’s ability to contribute.

Each Milestone Owner is invited to read out their next 90 day target(s) (ensure that only the 90
day target is read out), the whole group is invited to comment adding suggestions and can also
franchise the Milestone Owner to progress the milestone.

Your role in the process is to encourage the Milestone Owners to be specific about the outputs
they will bring to the table in 90 days time, ask for tangible evidence eg. a signed contract, the new hire, Board sign off... discourage more research, workshops, PowerPoint presentations that is a surrogate for delivering something tangible eg. building a competency model vs training one
branches’ staff on critical product skills etc.

Collect and copy so you have a full set – the originals are given back to the Milestone Owners.

E. Wind up

Thank the group for their participation. Ask your sponsor to close and emphasise the importance
of building capacity to perform in the future. During the quarter, informal reviews using StrategyConnect Online is extremely valuable to keep the plan on everyone’s radar. Short meetings using the LunarChart report take about 20 to 40 mins to review the milestones’ current status. If the initiative is tracking well, acknowledge it quickly and use the teams’ collective knowledge to help Milestone Owners who are struggling to get traction on their milestone(s).