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We have worked with the StrategyConnect process for 3 years and it has allowed us to provide focus, be far more efficient and accurate, and provided us with a consistent strategy. It is simple in its form that but means it can be digested better by the team of contributors who need to interpret the information. Since using the process completion of tasks is far greater and therefore key KPIs have been achieved with ease and more accuracy.
— Simon McGrath, COO of Accor Hotels Australia

Waterfield have been critical in the success of the Marrakesh Treaty Forum. Accessibility is a complex arena with many stakeholders, competing interests and occasional political conflict. Waterfield’s rapid consensus methodology was the perfect means of bringing together disparate organisations that do not normally sit at the same table and uniting them under one clear aim - to increase accessible content for the print disabled.
— Sarah Runcie, Strategy and Policy Australian Publishers Association
The Waterfield team armed with StrategyConnect has been a breakthrough for us as a business. Waterfield assimilated our business very quickly and then facilitated a collaborative and cohesive strategy for and with us, all by 5pm on the same day. It included a series of current year milestones and three year targets all with defined outcomes, with priorities and individuals assigned to the various deliverables. The team left, engaged, committed, enthusiastic and most importantly clear, on what we wanted to achieve as a business. Further, Waterfield has continued to assist us as necessary on executional elements and accountabilities. In a world of lengthy, lofty reports full of obtuse jargon and vague recommendations, Waterfield is simply a breath of fresh air. We’ve got a clear, concise, insightful and accountable business strategy and couldn’t be happier with the result.
— Paul Nelson Founder & Managing Director BrandMatters Pty Ltd
I have now used Waterfield for two years and in that time span we are so much more efficient and have been able to very quickly translate our ideas into a 5 year rolling strategy. I am extremely happy with the outcomes so far over the last couple of years and Waterfield has been a high value add to our organisation
— Tania Constable, CEO of CO2CRC

If you are looking for something to change business and to keep you disciplined and structured to make sure you are achieving your set targets and objectives, you must look at StrategyConnect.
The process itself is very simple and the most refreshing thing is that you have plenty of support when and as required. The team here at AccorPlus continually tell me how much they have enjoyed using StrategyConnect. Typically any business has a strategy document, the difference for us is that now we are forced to stop and review our strategy on a regular basis and make changes where required. We look forward to continuing to use this powerful process.
— Dino Mezzatesta, CEO Accor Plus APAC

StrategyConnect enabled us to get our board & senior staff to focus, very clearly, on key strategic issues in both a one and three year timeframe, and also to articulate to staff and the CEO what our priorities are over that period. It enables the board to have great clarity on what it wants the executive team to implement, and the supporting mechanism behind it, quarterly reviews, progress reports and subsequent communication mechanism – is very useful and reinforces the focus.
— Peter Carrigy Ryan, CEO of CSC

The speed and efficiency of the process is amazing. You walk in with a blank sheet of paper and walk out with a strategy. There’s no need for a million meetings, no need to schedule a follow-up, no sub committees, no need to engage someone to write it up. It’s done, and it belongs to all of you.
— Michael Combs - CareerTrackers Australia

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Kevin Nuttall has exceptional skills in harnessing the energy of passionate people to create a pathway to realise their vision.
— Dr Amanda Caples, Victorian Lead Scientist, Victorian Government

Waterfield’s StrategyConnect is an innovative way of developing strategy. It is very effective when engaging a broad range of people in formulating the strategy that helps communicate our strategic imperatives deeper into the organisation and generates great alignment.
The online platform allows us to monitor the strategy execution and respond to the
changing environment.
— Daniel Grollo, Executive Chairman Grocon

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The end result was outstanding; we achieved our three year goals in eighteen months and were able to raise our targets even further providing additional value and significantly improved profit margins.
— Craig King, CEO General Pants Co.