StrategyConnect Swift has been designed to bring all the benefits of Waterfield's flagship product StrategyConnect to small to medium sized businesses who understand the importance of mapping out goals and driving results.



To stay competitive in today’s fast paced world, organisations need effective strategic planning and execution. StrategyConnect-Swift is a proven method to develop your organisation’s strategy with a simple implementation and execution process. It is also designed to build capacity and engage your organisation on the journey to success.

  • Develop an effective strategy in a highly interactive, half day accelerated day workshop with buy-in from the participants.

StrategyConnect- Swift has been developed based on the desire to offer small to medium sized businesses the opportunity to leverage Waterfield's highly successful and sort after StrategyConnect system which has been refined for over 20 years. Waterfield's continual research on how best to integrate strategy development and implementation has resulted in two inter-dependent cycles:

1. Strategy Development Cycle. This produces the insights to inform the output known as the Strategy Map.

2. Strategy Execution Cycle. This creates the learnings that allows the Strategy Map to adapt to the changing environment.


Strategy Development

Strategy development is about choosing from the options available to an organisation to determine which is the right destination.

Collective Intelligence

Developing strategy in a fast changing environment and an increasingly complex world is difficult. The more brain power and diverse views, the better informed the process will be.
The StrategyConnect process views the organisation and external environment as a whole in a powerful and highly interactive workshop that harnesses the collective knowledge of the group.
Once people see the whole picture, the strategy for the organisation becomes clear.

Strategy on a Page

The Strategy Map is captured on one page that clearly shows:

  • What success looks like in the future

  • The investments needed to close the gaps

  • The key milestones in the next 12 months

The Strategy Map becomes a simple and easy to understand communications tool that can be used to communicate deeply into the organisation.


Strategy in a Day

The strategy development workshop is rapid and highly effective. Endless PowerPoint presentations are replaced with a fast paced interactive workshop where everyone is engaged and contributing.
This builds ownership and understanding of the decisions being made. StrategyConnect™ develops a concise framework in one day that gives you a clear Strategy Map that your organisation can act on today.  


Strategy Execution

With a shared destination articulated, the next step is implementation.  Execution involves ensuring effective action, to bring the strategy to life. 

Highly Visible

StrategyConnect Tracker is an online application where the Strategy Map and the execution initiatives are accessible anywhere, anytime providing access to updates.

Milestone owners and contributors can blog and add hyperlinks to relevant information creating a rich repository of information for the strategy and execution.

At the 90 Day review session, reports can be generated with simple graphical representation of progress made and the confidence levels of achieving the set targets.

Action Learning

A review is held at the end of every 90 Day period. The strategy is reviewed and recalibrate based on:

  • What actually happened

  • Internal organisation changes

  • External market changes

This allows the strategy implementation process to remain grounded in reality. Fast growing companies have adopted the practice of action learning internationally to remain adaptive and responsive to their market place.

Easy to Use

People are busy. Therefore, a simple process that involves a minimal level of effort has been designed to monitor and adapt strategy execution. The process is intuitive and can be updated in a matter of minutes.  

Meetings can be held online and reports are just a couple of clicks away. The StrategyConnect Tracker online system is a cloud based application and ensures easy monitoring and visual tracking of your organisation’s Strategy Map. It is a user friendly and intuitive tool, providing interactive and secure access.

StrategyConnect is designed based on agile technology. The system is made up of a suite of products, each encompasses a stage in the cycle to make up the whole approach to strategic planning that is easily digestable by each stakeholder and most importantly easily actionable and trackable. Waterfield is excited to now be able to offer small to medium sized businesses the tools to tap into this system that has proven successful for many organisations and industry bodies over the past 20 years. 

To get a better understanding of the whole approach contact Waterfield for a confidential 'health check' about your business strategy approach.  

Waterfield Strategy Workshop

Join us at our up-coming event where you can get a better understanding of our approach as well as make a positive and active start on your own business strategy. 

StrategyConnect by Waterfield has been a breakthrough for us as a business. Waterfield assimilated our business very quickly and then facilitated a collaborative and cohesive strategy for and with us, all by 5pm on the same day. It included a series of current year milestones and three year targets all with defined outcomes, with priorities and individuals assigned to the various deliverables. The team left, engaged, committed, enthusiastic and most importantly clear, on what we wanted to achieve as a business. Further, Waterfield has continued to assist us as necessary on executional elements and accountabilities. In a world of lengthy, lofty reports full of obtuse jargon and vague recommendations, Waterfield is simply a breath of fresh air. We’ve got a clear, concise, insightful and accountable business strategy and couldn’t be happier with the result.
— Paul Nelson, Founder & Managing Director, BrandMatters