The StrategyConnect suite by Waterfield is a strategic planning system providing a results orientated approach for developing, managing and executing strategy in a fast changing environment.


Every organisation has a dual responsibility, to perform today and build capacity to perform tomorrow.

All organisations acknowledge that developing a strategy and preparing to be ‘future ready’ is critical. However, many organisations struggle to effectively execute their strategy. 

Without investing time to create new capabilities, an organisation will not remain current and competitive. Waterfield's StrategyConnect suite matches the right sized solution to each organisation allowing them to focus on the future and execute their strategy. 

The result is a resilient and high performing organisation.


Bringing together effective strategic direction with execution excellence.

The StrategyConnect process is a strategic planning process which enables organisations to develop their three-year plan in a collaborative way by harnessing the collective intelligence and insights within their organisation. This is a full day process, including prior situation analysis, a full day strategic session run by one of Waterfield's senior strategists, mining and recording of the collective outcomes and translating these into strategic outcomes. The result is a one page Strategy Map or ‘compass’ outlining the agreed outcomes, milestones and investments. The Strategy Map is then implemented using an online strategy execution platform. Organisations are fully supported by the team at Waterfield throughout the process. This full service offering is ideally suited to larger organisations or industry bodies made up of a complex group of stakeholders, however has also been implemented by smaller organisations who understand how vital the strategy planning is to overall success. 


The benefits of StrategyConnect but designed specifically to suit small teams.

StrategyConnect Swift is based on the successful StrategyConnect product.  StrategyConnect Swift is designed for groups of up to seven people who are well versed in their organisation’s business.  A StrategyConnect Swift session is delivered in a three-hour facilitated session to help organisations develop their three-year journey.  The resulting Strategy Map is documented and uploaded to StrategyConnect Live.   Execution of the Strategy Map is overseen by an internally appointed Strategy Champion who is responsible for ensuring agreed tasks and timelines are kept to a schedule.  The end result delivers a fully accountable action plan for the organisation to follow. 


Do you already have a strategy and need an effective way to execute it ?


Take your existing strategy and gain support in the execution process, ensuring your strategy is executed with excellence.

This is the right sized solution for established small to medium businesses who are facing a particularly complex decision or who have documented their strategy but do not have a mechanism to execute.  This is the perfect process for tracking, monitoring and ensuring accountability to keep teams on track with the agreed tasks and action oriented milestones. This software solution acts as a compass for success and can be utilised by the whole team.


A user-friendly strategy tracking system to keep your team on task and on track with your organisations goals.

The StrategyTracker turns your plan into action. Your team have clear visibility via the system on the desired outcomes and the milestones that need to be achieved in order to move towards achieving success. This ‘all-on-one-page’ planning and execution tool is easy to use and allows teams to have a clear view of the team’s collective goals and action items. It also allows visibility on progress and quickly identifies any variances along the way. 

Waterfield’s StrategyConnect enabled us to get our board & senior staff to focus, very clearly, on key strategic issues in both a one and three year timeframe, and also to articulate to staff and the CEO what our priorities are over that period. It enables the board to have great clarity on what it wants the executive team to implement, and the supporting mechanism behind it, quarterly reviews, progress reports and subsequent communication mechanism – is very useful and reinforces the focus.
— Peter Carrigy Ryan, CEO Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation