The principles of RapidConsensus are easy to understand and utilise in the workplace. The workshop has been taught to over 7,000 people throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK, Asia and South Africa. Waterfield's objective is for you to walk out of the workshop with the knowledge, the skills and the courage to use the RapidConsensus approach in your workplace. 

Waterfield holds 3 RapidConsensus Workshops per year in Sydney and Melbourne. Waterfield can also tailor a workshop for your executive team held within your organisation.   For RapidConsensus to become part of your toolbox for success, there is a 3 step process:

Step 1 - is a one and a half day intensive workshop demonstrating, imparting and practising the RapidConsensus model.

Step 2 - is practising the RapidConsensus model back in your real world on real issues.

Step 3 - is a teleconference with the other participants 2 to 3 weeks later to discuss your real world experiences and to refine your understanding of the model and the skills. 

Understand the process, learn the skills and apply it within the right environment

IdeaMapping (1).png

Idea mapping

A highly effective tool to capture the essence of your group and show relationships that occur.

Active (1).png

Active Listening

Learn how to listen to all involved, effective listening captures everyone’s ideas and quickly understand the varying opinions. 


People Reading

Identify the different interacting styles of the group and create a safe environment for everyone to engage freely.

Your Investment

Participation cost includes workshop and post-workshop follow up and support, pens, workbook and lunch on the day of the workshop.


Single Attendee



plus GST per person.


Corporate Rate




plus GST, per person.

*based on 5 or more attendees from the same company over a 12 month period.

Working in the creative industries, chairing meetings and facilitating large group discussions is a big part of everyday work. Waterfield’s RapidConsensus has changed my life! It is quite simply the most useful training I have completed during my 25 year career.
— Jacqui Riddell, Director of Public Engagement, Art Gallery of NSW