At Waterfield, we practice what we preach and we teach what we practice.

We understand the importance of bringing teams together and gaining group consensus fast. The RapidConsensus workshop will teach you simple but powerful processes to gain collaborative and positive solutions. The workshop will prepare you with the understanding, the skills and the confidence to facilitate groups to gain a rapid consensus.


Collective Knowledge

Mining the collective knowledge of the group. We teach you how to ensure everyone is at the same stage of the journey and how to start with a fair and equal playing field.


Reaching Consensus

Agreeing on the best way forward. We teach you how to gain consensus of the group quickly and elegantly, with minimal conflict and create a positive environment where everyone feels heard and understood.


Positive Outcomes

People own what they help create. We teach you how to end the session with a positive, outcome focused result.  Ownership and positive action is the goal by the end of the session.

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The Four Seasons process recognises people enter the room in different mental seasons. Some people may not understand the issue while others are already at the solution and action stage. 

The only way to engage the ‘collective intelligence’ of the group is to wind back to the beginning to get everyone at the same starting point, then in a structured way, collectively move the group through the four mental seasons.

Four Seasons is a rapid, very elegant process that gets consensus and intelligent actions from your group meetings.


1. Current Scenario - Thinking about the (subject) what are the problems, issues, and barriers that come to mind

2. Preferred Scenario -  If that all went away and we had the ideal scenario what would that be like? No constraints, you can have everything you want.

3. Options - Given that preferred scenario how can we get there? What options can you think of?

4. Actions - Of all these options which are the best? Which one of these options can you act on now?

Create an environment which breaks down barriers and achieves the maximum inputs from the group.

The key benefits of this process is to transform disfunctional groups into effective ones. Create an coherent group and reduce conflict and endless time spent in meetings and groups sessions by learning these key skills during the RapidConcensus workshop. 

This faciliation method is ideal for anyone who is looking to get the best results from a diverse group of people, whether you are a CEO, Manager, industry advisor, mentor or professional facilitator. You will learn the skills required to get your organisation or team moving forward in a positive and efficient way. 


We currently run workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, however we can run tailored workshops and collaborate to suit your needs. Find out about our next workshops and package prices. 



Read more about what past workshop participants have said about RapidConsensus. To find out more or have specific questions about our work, please contact us for a brochure or more details.


Working in the creative industries, chairing meetings and facilitating large group discussions is a big part of every day work. RapidConsensus has changed my life! It is quite simply the most useful training I have completed during my 25 year career. The RapidConsensus technique can be applied to everyday situations, personal or professional, small or large, hostile or positive and always results in great outcomes. I think so highly of RapidConsensus I insist that all my team complete the course so that we always have a trained facilitator on hand to lead meetings.
— Jacquie Riddell Director of Public Engagement, Art Gallery NSW