Waterfield is an innovative business that has developed a range of unique products, services and IP that work together to drive organisations forward. There is a product to suit every business size and model.

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A strategic planning process enabling organisations to develop, articulate and execute their three-year strategic plan in a collaborative way by harnessing the collective intelligence and insights within their organisation.

Our flagship product offering has proven success over a range of industries and organisations. Many of Australia's top performing companies utilise StrategyConnect as an annual and crucial part of their overall strategic planning process. 

The speed and efficiency of the StrategyConnect process is amazing. You walk in with a blank sheet of paper and walk out with a strategy. There’s no need for a million meetings, no need to schedule a follow-up, no sub committees, no need to engage someone to write it up. It’s done, and it belongs to all of you.
— Michael Combs - CareerTrackers Australia

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Our expert facilitators will work with you on your specific business problem or issue. Waterfield specialises in facilitating diverse groups in critical conversations to resolve complex issues.

Our methodology includes understanding your needs and desired objectives, designing a customised process, facilitation and documenting the outputs and decisions made during the session.

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RapidConsensus workshop will prepare you with the skills and confidence to facilitate groups to achieve consensus quickly. Ideal for CEOs,  facilitators or managers with large diverse teams. 

A one and half day interactive workshop that teaches the skills and understandings to facilitate groups to get people in a group to contribute, take ownership and commit to actions. 

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Leverage Waterfield's unique systems and processes in your business. 

Are you a strategic facilitator or do you require the skills to implement these unique products and services into your business on an ongoing basis? 

Waterfield's products and services are customisable and can compliment or enhance your existing business offering. 


An online support system that encourages you to strategically plan your life, take action and track the aspects that are important to you. PersonalPlan is for professionals and those interested in personal and professional development.

The Waterfield team armed with StrategyConnect has been a breakthrough for us as a business. Waterfield assimilated our business very quickly and then facilitated a collaborative and cohesive strategy for and with us, all by 5pm on the same day. It included a series of current year milestones and three year targets all with defined outcomes, with priorities and individuals assigned to the various deliverables. The team left, engaged, committed, enthusiastic and most importantly clear, on what we wanted to achieve as a business. Further, Waterfield has continued to assist us as necessary on executional elements and accountabilities. In a world of lengthy, lofty reports full of obtuse jargon and vague recommendations, Waterfield is simply a breath of fresh air. We’ve got a clear, concise, insightful and accountable business strategy and couldn’t be happier with the result.
— Paul Nelson, Founder & Managing Director, BrandMatters