Take control of your personal future through a structured, holistic planning and execution process that will keep you accountable and drive you towards your ideal future. 

Waterfield has taken the principles of their extremely successful StrategyConnect process and developed a tool which enables you to design your life and positively take action towards your life and career goals. PersonalPlan is designed for professionals and motivated individuals who want to achieve their goals in all aspects of work and life.



The first step to realising your dreams is to be clear on your priorities and goals. You are in control of deciding what is important to you. Articulating and documenting your goals means you can start planning the action required to achieve these goals.



PersonalPlan allows you to track your progress online and keep you accountable. You can upload and store documents, photos and video clips that inspire you to achieve your goals. The system is secure, easy to use and accessible anywhere. 



Track your progress online. No more daydreaming about achieving your goals, you will see the progress as it happens. If you need additional support, your personal coach can access your plan and support you through the process. 

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You choose the areas that you want to focus on. You will be guided through a simple structured framework to effectively plan your future outcomes and the steps to achieve these.

PersonalPlan is for professionals and those interested in personal and professional development. Being online allows you to easily and quickly update or follow your progress whenever it suits you.

It is designed to be personal and only you will be authorised to invite people to view your PersonalPlan, such as your personal coach, mentor or special advisor.


The benefits of planning your life follows the same principles as planning for your business or organisational success. Understanding where all the pieces fit together and interrelate and ensuring that you stay on track with each of the aspects important to you. You choose the aspects of your life that you want to focus on.  From career ambitions, health and wellbeing, a side business, family commitments, PersonalPlan can be tailored to the individual. 

PersonalPlan brings your plan to the forefront of your mind. Gone are the days of scribbling your goals on a piece of paper only to rediscover a few years down the track, you plan is now alive, online and easy to access. You can review, track and monitor your progress, adapt and learn from your success or failures.  

PersonalPlan is a great companion to motivated individuals striving for a better future. It is also an ideal tool for coaches, mentors or advisors to use with clients.

A personal coach or mentor is a great way to get an unbiased or outside view on your personal situation and best approach for improving it. Just like a personal trainer, your coach should be supportive, motivating and their primary goal is to help you acheive your goals.  


We work with mentors, personal coaches and advisors to help them manage their clients needs. PersonalPlan can be used as a resource to manage individual clients plans or as a business tool in planning sessions and workshops. 



Contact us to find out more about PersonalPlan and how it can benefit you in your life. We have flexible plans so you can decide on the best approach to suit your needs.