Maureen Ngan

Operations and Administration Manager

Reporter | Organiser | Projects

Maureen Ngan is the Operations Manager at Waterfield. Her skills in executive administration have been honed to a fine art, with extensive experience in the field, even prior to joining Waterfield over 12 years ago.

Maureen has been described by her colleagues as the ‘Engine Room’ of Waterfield and this is evident in the vital role she plays during the StrategyConnect workshops. She is a key conduit between what is discussed in the room and what is delivered as the outcome during facilitation workshops. Maureen’s ability to decode and document the activity of a facilitated session is outstanding. Her speed and accuracy underpins the success of these workshops.

Maureen is also a key liaison between Waterfield’s clients during and after workshops, and in the implementation stage of StrategyConnect. She manages the administration side of the business from organising the set-up and practical logistics to many other facets of communications and organisation.

A common thread between Maureen and the whole team is the focus on results, continual improvement and learning.

The Waterfield team offers support to their clients from strategy right through to execution.

Maureen was fantastic. I know Waterfield has a model but it is flexible enough to accommodate our requirements and we did not feel like we were being forced fitted into a preset approach.
— Michael Issenberg, CEO Accor Asia Pacific