Fiona Nuttall


Facilitator | Facilitation Trainer | Life Coach


Fiona Nuttall is a Director of Waterfield and worked with Kevin, her partner in life and business, in the inception and creation of Waterfield.  As a coach, Fiona understands the challenges that professionals face in their day to day lives and knows it takes a strong, determined mind-set to move from forward in a positive and productive way. Her coaching style is warm and nurturing and she has an unwavering belief in the power of people. This approach has proven to unlock potential and achieve incredible results for her clients. Part of the PersonalPlan process is working through distilling thoughts and clarifying desired achievements and then mapping out the way forward. Fiona’s expertise in this area are paramount and stem from years of experience mapping out goals and outcomes for individuals and organisations.

Fiona is the key facilitator for RapidConsensus, Waterfield’s extremely successful facilitation program based on collaboration and group consensus. Fiona can facilitate the workshop or train facilitators to gain the skills required to run their own workshops using the program.

As a Facilitation Trainer and Accreditor of RapidConcesus her primary interest is in ensuring the participants can apply what is learned in the workshop. Waterfield has enjoyed success utilising the RapidConsnsus program within their own facilitation workshops and now Fiona passes on her intimate knowledge and skill to others via an accreditation process.

If you are a professional facilitator, a business manager or an entrepreneur, you can be assured that Fiona and the team at Waterfield will set you up on your path to success.


Kevin Nuttall has exceptional skills in harnessing the energy of passionate people to create a pathway to realise their vision.
— Dr Amanda Caples, Executive Director, Science and Technology Programs, Department of Business and Innovation