CareerTrackers Australia

The Starting Point

CareerTrackers is a national non-profit organisation that creates internship opportunities for Indigenous university students. In addition to making long-lasting placements, CareerTrackers provides a wide spectrum of support to help prepare students for leadership in the workplace and the community.

The Process

As a non-profit organisation, CareerTrackers' biggest challenge was to build trust and credibility, not only with corporations but with the indigenous community and students. A barrier to this is the reliance on government funding to move the organisation forward. It would essentially mean that every year or so, they would need to apply for the funding. This stop start approach would not allow them to plan effectively for a long term future. This longevity was paramount to gaining trust within the indigenous community.  

The Result

CareerTrackers knew they had to build trust but also saw that they needed their corporate partners committed to keeping CareerTrackers here for the next 50 years.

During the StrategyConnect process, the team came up with an idea to get one company to sign a ten-year partnership. This would go a long way to securing the future of the organisation. With the support of the Waterfield, Kevin in particular, the team were pushed to realise an even greater outcome that would cement the path for CareerTrackers to build long lasting relationships with students. A plan for a 10x10 commitment from companies was established, which led to CareerTrackers becoming a sustainable organisation that can really make a difference.

I think people look to us and our model as a way to challenge the status quo and be successful. We never claim to be the best but I think people have come to see CareerTrackers as a brand of excellence, a brand of holding true to what we say we’re going to do and what we actually do. StrategyConnect has been so important in delivering on that promise.
— Michael Combs, CEO CareerTrackers