Grocon, Australia's leading privately owned development and construction group sought a strategy development and implementation approach to allow the business to grow in a more focused way.


Over several years Waterfield has introduced the StrategyConnect™ methodology deeper into the organisation. Initially engaging only the senior team to today where many levels of the organisation are involved in the development and execution of the strategic plan. StrategyConnect™ Online has been used extensively to monitor, track and report on the strategy execution at a group and divisional level.


Grocon has grown its business, its capability and reputation in a more direct and focused manner. Key stakeholders within the business are aware of the overall direction of the business, the pathways to get there and their personal contribution to the success.

Waterfield’s StrategyConnect is an innovative way of developing strategy. It is very effective when engaging a broad range of people in formulating the strategy that helps communicate our strategic imperatives deeper into the organisation and generates great alignment. The online platform allows us to monitor the strategy execution and responds to the changing environment.
— Daniel Grollo, Executive Chairman Grocon