Aidan Nuttall

Strategy Execution and Innovation Lead


Aidan Nuttall is the Strategy Execution and Innovation Lead for Waterfield. He joined the team officially in 2013, but has always been actively involved in this family owned and operated organisation. Aidan’s passion for innovation is driven by his love of creating more efficient processes. He is motivated by enabling and witnessing teams thrive and succeed through the use of collaborative, agile technology.

Aidan is the primary developer of the technology based platform behind StrategyConnect and SuccessMap, two of Waterfield’s core products. He draws experience from his background in software development and solution architecture for Accenture as well as his involvement in the first agile development team at Optus.

At Waterfield, Aidan takes the learnings and experience from agile software development and combines this with the principles behind Waterfield’s pillars of collaboration, outcome thinking and capacity building to continually grow and improve Waterfield’s suite of products.

Aidan has been absolutely critical to our progress towards our 2020 goals. His support and ongoing feedback has felt like we’ve had a partner who is as invested in our success as we are.
— Lauren Kelly, Account Director, BrandMatters