About Waterfield

Waterfield prides itself on achieving outstanding outcomes by harnessing the collective knowledge and intelligence of a group to solve complex issues.

Waterfield’s core focus for more than 20 years has been to champion facilitation and collaboration as an approach to helping organisations survive and thrive through change. Harnessing this core principle, and embracing innovation and technology, has enabled Waterfield to design ways for organisations to best achieve their overall strategic and organisational goals.

Engaging the collective intelligence of an organisation can achieve quantum leaps in performance. It has become evident throughout Waterfield’s decades of work, that the key resource to be leveraged in practically all endeavours is people working collaboratively together in groups. Waterfield are specialists in designing and facilitating collaborative processes that create better solutions, buy-in and follow through.

Waterfield’s mission is to enable organisations to realise their long term strategic goals and map out their journey to achieving success.

Waterfield's Core Team


Kevin Nuttall

Founder and Director


An internationally respected Strategy Facilitator with over 20 years’ experience, Kevin works with senior management teams to develop and implement organisational strategies and solve complex problems.

Kevin’s vision for Waterfield is to achieve outstanding outcomes for organisations by harnessing their collective intelligence. Kevin’s career has been focused on championing facilitation and collaboration as an approach to helping organisations survive and thrive through change.  Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.

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Maureen Ngan

Operations and Administration Manager


Maureen Ngan is the Operations and Administration Manager at Waterfield. She has been described by her colleagues as the ‘Engine Room’ of Waterfield and this is evident in the vital role she plays during the StrategyConnect workshops.

She is a key conduit between what is discussed in the room and what is delivered as the outcome during facilitation workshops. Maureen’s ability to decode and document the activity of a facilitated session is outstanding. Her speed and accuracy underpins the success of these workshops. Connect with Maureen on LinkedIn.

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Aidan Nuttall

Strategy Execution and Innovation Lead


Aidan Nuttall is the Strategy Execution and Innovation Lead for Waterfield. Aidan’s passion for innovation is driven by his love of doing things better. He is motivated by enabling and witnessing teams thrive and succeed through the use of collaborative, agile technology.

Aidan is the primary developer of the technology platform behind StrategyConnect and SuccessMap, two of Waterfield’s core products. Connect with Aidan on LinkedIn.

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Our Team of Experts

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Expert Facilitators

Waterfield has a team of expert facilitators who work alongside the core team to deliver exceptional service when delivering our core products.  Each of our team members are trained experts in delivering to our core values as an organisation. 

Strategic Thought Leaders

Working alongside our core team of strategic thought leaders, Waterfield also has access to industry experts and strategic consultants who we work with and refer to our clients when compatible.