Getting everyone on the same page can be the most challenging aspect of leading an organisation on a path to success. Through their unique approach, Waterfield specialises in helping diverse groups solve complex problems, ensuring that the strategic outcomes are based on shared vision, embraced by the team and most importantly, achievable.  

Waterfield follows three core principles to deliver value to our clients.



People own what they create. Every organisation has a collective intelligence that once tapped, can solve complex issues and generate creative ways forward.


Outcome Thinking

Waterfield recognises that organisations are busy with the challenges of the day to day operations. Our one-page, one-day approach helps gain a commitment to mapping out clear future outcomes and an achievable path to get there.

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Capacity Building

Waterfield's approach is designed to leave a deep knowledge and understanding within the organisation which results in a more resilient organisation and enables sustainable results. 



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Waterfield is an innovative business that has developed a range of unique IP, products and services that work together to deliver strategic direction for organisations to uncover and map out their desired direction and outcomes for the future. There is a range of products to suit all businesses sizes and models.

If you are looking for something to change business and to keep you disciplined and structured to make sure you are achieving your set targets and objectives, you must look at StrategyConnect.
— Dino Mezzatesta, CEO AccorPlus