People are more resourceful, capable and creative when they collaborate, and more importantly

better connected to and motivated in their work.

Waterfield Collaboration Process

We believe people are hardwired to collaborate

and contribute to something bigger than themselves.


To tap this collective capability requires both excellent process design and excellent process facilitation. This leads to insights and breakthroughs that no one individual could achieve alone or even in a select, small group.

Waterfield has dedicated itself to excellence

in process design and process facilitation.


Our purpose is in helping groups discover their collective capability, sometimes for the first time. When people are involved in the creative process the result is much higher buy in, commitment and follow through.


“People own what they help to create”.

Collaboration \\ Our Belief

Quantum leaps in performance can be achieved by engaging the collective intelligence of your organisation.


Wikipedia is a well known example of the power of the collective. We are also seeing a growing phenomenon of groups creating amazing results that no single individual could achieve alone.



The benefits are enormous, a few

examples include:


 People who are involved and engaged in the design process are motivated to act.


 The new generation of knowledge workers want to understand the whole picture, contribute to solutions and be trusted to implement.


 Diverse inputs lead to better decisions and everyone becomes better informed.


 People actually want to collaborate and create outcomes that are magic.

eg. choirs and orchestras, flash mob dancing,

and sports teams.


We harness the groups collective intelligence through well designed facilitated processes.


Many brains in a room does not necessarily mean many brains working together effectively. Excellent design and facilitation is the catalyst to ensure the collective "brain" of a diverse group can bring laser like clarity to understand and solve complex issues. The difference between a group left to their own devices and a facilitated group is significant;


Facilitated Groups table