Waterfield continually invests heavily in research and development to create services and products that are well regarded by our clients.

StrategyConnect, RapidConsensus

Strategy development & execution

Learn & utilise facilitation skills

Provides your organisation with a simple and achievable process to future focus and build internal capability.

The methodology focuses on connecting people with both strategy and execution. This is skillfully achieved through engaging everyone on the journey, creating ownership and action towards the organisation’s desired future outcomes.

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A one and half day interactive workshop that teaches the skills, confidence and understandings to facilitate groups to achieve rapid consensus.


Participants are trained how to get people in a group to contribute, take ownership and commit to agreed actions within a safe environment.

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PersonalPlan, Custom Facilitation

Strategically plan & design your life

Facilitation tailored to your needs

A holistic tool for those interested in personal and professional development. PersonalPlan™ provides a simple framework to effectively plan future outcomes and the steps to achieve these.

Through a guided process it encourages individuals to strategically plan their life, take action and track the aspects they feel are most important to focus on.

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Waterfield specialises in facilitating diverse groups in critical conversations to resolve complex issues.

Our methodology includes understanding your needs and desired objectives, designing a customised process, facilitation and documenting the outputs and decisions made during the session.

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Business Model Innovation

Designing adaptive business models

Build shared outcomes & action plan

A business model is how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. To remain competitive it is vital to assess and re-invent current business models.


Business models can get out of step with the changing environment. This process allows groups to challenge the ‘As Is’ business model and innovate to create the ‘To Be’ business model that will continue to deliver customer value at a premium margin.

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More companies are collaborating for competitive advantage.

The Success Alliance™ process captures the overall objective of an alliance between two or more companies and makes the shared responsibilities visible to all parties. This clarity supports the effective execution of the plan to realise the benefits of the collaboration.

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