Examples of the work we provide

“Kevin Nuttall has exceptional skills in harnessing the energy of passionate people to create a pathway to realise their vision.”


Dr Amanda Caples, Executive Director,

Science and Technology Programs, Department of Business and Innovation




Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Project.



A proposition had percolated for a number of years for a comprehensive cancer centre to create a powerful alliance of eight successful Victorian organisations committed to cancer control: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Health (including The Royal Melbourne Hospital), The University of Melbourne, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, The Royal Women’s Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Western Health and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

This was to become the “Boston of the South”.



Waterfield was engaged as an independent facilitator to design and facilitate a process to bring all parties to an agreement on how to structure and govern this complex entity.



The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre concept, structure and governance model was collectively developed and agreed by all parties. The business case was signed off by the Victorian State Government and successfully joint funded by the State and Federal Governments for $1.0 Billion.


The aspiration to be the outstanding cancer research and shared practice centre in the South is now being realised.


View VCCC Project Factsheet  >



Australia’s leading privately owned development

and construction group.



Grocon sought a strategy development and implementation approach to allow the business

to grow in a more focused way.



Over several years Waterfield has introduced the StrategyConnect™ methodology deeper into the organisation. Initially engaging only the senior team to today where many levels of the organisation are involved in the development and execution of the strategic plan. StrategyConnect™ Online has been used extensively to monitor, track and report on the strategy execution at group and divisional level.



Grocon has grown its business, its capability and reputation in a more direct and focused manner. Key stakeholders within the business are aware of the overall direction of the business, the pathways to get there and their personal contribution to the success.


“Waterfield’s StrategyConnect™ is an innovative way of developing strategy. It is very effective when engaging a broad range of people in formulating the strategy that helps communicate our strategic imperatives deeper into the organisation and generates great alignment.

The online platform allows us to monitor the strategy execution and respond to the

changing environment.”


Daniel Grollo, CEO Grocon



“Kevin understood what we were aiming to achieve in this groundbreaking work and was able to bring a diverse group together to agree to a national approach. People still talk about the success of the day and the results achieved. Kevin really is an exceptional facilitator.”


Romilly Madew, Chief Executive GBCA




Government land organisations and agencies, industry associations and professional bodies, universities and key stakeholders in the built environment.



Green Star Communities Framework which is a national uniform guide to assist states and territories plan, design, build, maintain and renew sustainable communities.



Waterfield designed and facilitated a workshop of 45 people to gain consensus on an agreed national model. The outputs included the five key principles the Green Star Communities Framework would adhere to.



Agreement achieved between all state and territory Government land organisations. eg.  Landcorp (WA), Places Victoria (VIC); this was the first national agreement between eight agencies of this style. The Publication of Green Star Communities National Framework and development of the Green Star - Communities sustainability rating tool.


View Green Star Communities National Framework  >



General Pants, a leader in youth fashion and youth culture with a chain of 47 stores across Australia.



The General Pants Board and senior team were interested in introducing a more disciplined approach

to strategic planning and execution to enable the business to be more profitable and resilient in a highly competitive market.



Waterfield has worked with the General Pants Board,

the senior team and Business Units to formalise:


 Market scanning

 Key objectives

 Key strategies to realise the key objectives

 The disciplines to execute the action plan


General Pants included a large number of their team in the development of the strategic plan. Through this involvement, the team's awareness and knowledge of the realities of the market place grew substantially as

well as gained their commitment to action and implement the plan they helped develop.



General Pants has embedded a formal approach to strategy development and execution despite an extremely turbulent market place and a freewheeling culture. General Pants continues to grow and proposer

in a highly competitive sector while many of their competitors have been left on the back foot trying

to catch up.



"General Pants has never struggled to come up with creative ideas to ignite our business. We have however struggled to collate, prioritise and execute those ideas effectively and bring them to market. Using Waterfield’s StrategyConnect™ approach General Pants was able to extract our real commercial premise and define what success looked like. Then using these tools we were able to monitor our progress and accelerate our development beyond our expectations.

This process simplified what were potentially complex problems and broke them down into more manageable parts which we moved through most efficiently."


"The end result was outstanding; we achieved our three year goals in eighteen months and were able to raise our targets even further providing additional value and significantly improved profit margins.”


Craig King, CEO General Pants Co.