Our background and experience

20 years ago Waterfield pioneered facilitation as an approach to help organisations go through change. It proved many times more successful than other change management approaches.


Over the years we have realised people working in groups is the key resource to be leveraged in practically all endeavours.

We have become specialists in designing and facilitating collaborative processes that create better solutions, buy in and follow through.

Waterfield's background

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Kevin Nuttall


Kevin Nuttall is the founder and Director of Waterfield, as well as principal facilitator and innovator.

His background is in finance, IT, marketing, sales and CEO of a software company.


Kevin has, and continues to invest heavily in research and innovation in:


Thinking models to re-frame complex issues


 Facilitation to improve collaboration and engagements


 Strategy execution to ensure decisions translate

into action



Waterfield’s products and services are a result of Kevin’s research and practice, which include;



The strategic planning process and online strategy execution platform



The facilitation skills training workshop


Business Model Innovation

The approach to build adaptive business models



The whole of life planning framework and online monitoring tool



The effective process for collaborative alliances

and online execution platform



“Kevin’s talents lie in designing collaborative processes that allow key stakeholders to derive the insights and breakthroughs to solve difficult problems, and facilitating the group to own the outcomes.”


Facilitating thousands of groups across many sectors and countries has built an experience base that brings a broad perspective to clients’ issues.

Bringing “elegant simplicity” to complex issues is how clients describe Kevin's contribution.


Waterfield's Team


Waterfield forms teams of specialists to address client’s specific needs.

These specialists share Waterfield’s passion for solving complex issues and delivering an innovative solution.


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These specialist skills include:



Organisational development



 Executive development

Project management